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Erdevik Winery is located in the village of Erdevik, region of Syrmia (present day Serbia) in western foothills of Alma Mons (Fruska Gora). Surrounded by mild hillside in Fruska Gora, vast plains in the south and located at 140 meters above sea level, Erdevik, with its three lakes is one of the most beautiful villages in the region of Syrmia (Srem). 40 hectares vineyard(location Breskvik) lies exactly on 45th parallel, same as Bordeaux and Piedmont, thus sharing the same magical potential and 19 hectares vineyard lies close to the winery, location Gvozdenjak.


In 1697 most of Syrmia province and therefore Erdevik became part of Austro-Hungarian Empire and were ruled by Italian nobility of Odescalchi family who aided king Leopold I defending the city of Vienna during the ottoman siege. In Erdevik first vines were planted in 276 during the reign of Roman emperor Probus. In the early nineteenth century village of Erdevik had a number of vineyards so count Livio Odescalchi built a cellar and a winery


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Name of the village Erdevik was derived out of Hungarian word ERDOVEG meaning forested area.