Doja is a family-owned vineyard with a long tradition of viticulture and winemaking that dates back to 1895. Located on the slopes of the Jastrebac mountain at an altitude of 470 meters. The special climate with a difference between day and night temperature of up to 15 degrees during the ripening period makes the Toplica region so unique and interesting.

Varieties planted to make white wines are Chardonnay, Pinot Grigio, Tamjanika and for red varieties are Prokupac, Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot. Most planted is the indigenous variety Prokupac, which is a symbol of Serbian winemaking. Our goal and mission is to keep the family tradition of making authentic wines from this region.

DOJA Winery has a capacity of 200,000 liters per year. The winery is equipped with the latest technology to achieve premium quality. The entire process of making wines, from tending the vineyard, harvesting, cellaring, storage, bottling and labeling takes place in the vineyard. This is the place where tradition and modern knowledge intersect, with a team of experts, the owner Goran Todic and his wife Slavica Todic, professor of viticulture at the Faculty of Agriculture of the University of Belgrade. And where the children Mina & Sava are also part of the team.