The road leads across Srem plain in Vojvodina province (North Serbia) with a magnificent view of the southern slopes of Mt. Fruška Gora stretching in the front. At one point, a signpost appears indicating Šišatovac, a small Srem village of roughly 200 inhabitants, but still better known for the 16th century monastery located in the village. However, every wine lover in Serbia, when mentioning Šišatovac, will first think of Chichateau Winery (the name has been derived as a word pun from Šišatovac and Chateau). But the name alone can also deceive you, because Chichateau Winery is by no means located in some magnificent castle like the ones in Bordeaux.

Chichateau Winery can actually be described as a “garage winery” because the wine cellar initially located in the garage subsequently became the epicenter of wine & life philosophy of four friends who decided to start producing wine instead of spending money on it during social gatherings. In the winery, joint work is highly appreciated … Racking, bottling, washing bottles, carrying crates … Everyone is ready to jump in and help. The vineyard is spread over 3 hectares and the varietal composition opts for international grape varieties.

From the very beginning, four friends: Djordje, Ramazi, Bojan and Vladimir wanted to avoid being wine industry, but instead to make small batches of authentic wines. They were not bothered with tradition because they have been determined to make wines that reflect the present. They did not feel the burden of tradition or the centuries-old heritage of their families in the wine story. For that reason, they found it quite easy to communicate with present-day wine consumers in a direct and understandable manner, and yet with a dose of intrigue. The rosé wine from Chichateau winery called Pink Punk also won over the punk rock fans, which is not the usual wine-loving crowd. Asymmetrically-shaped bottles that look like they’re a factory defect. Impressive and witty wine labels such as Sauvignon Blake (inspired by character from Dynasty, the 1980s popular American soap opera), Bambino Nero (allusion to a black child from Šišatovac, an anecdote from a local comedy series), etc.

Djordje Stojšić, one of the mates who run Chichateau Winery together, emphasizes with a slight smile “the wine is an activity which allows you to compete with anyone in the world, regardless of the wealth invested. The money only allows wine to be made easier with available technology, however, honesty, and approach and ideas in winemaking are valued much more. “

For that reason, they set off in the direction paved by winemaker Joška Gravner, saying that “nature gives birth to wine, but a man delivers it”. Chichateau Winery headed that way, so they made Chardonnay with wild yeast, hence continuous experimentation in the vineyard and in the cellar, trying out different moments of harvest, biodynamics, etc. So, punk is not dead, especially this kind of wine punk.